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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas


“It’s not the mall,” exclaims 3rd grade student Keana Cooper enthusiastically when asked what she likes about Perkins’ annual Holiday Shop. “Everything is right here, so I don’t have to walk all around looking for presents.” Gabi Evans-Wilkins, a 5th grade student, shares the excitement of her 3rd grade friend by saying that her favorite … Read more »


A Taste of the Future


The Merrill Show Choir blessed the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders ears on Friday afternoon with a medley of their performance pieces. Our students could not stop tapping their toes and rocking to the beat as Merrill performed modern pop favorites, as well as age old classics. 


Chess Tournament


Let the tournament begin. Our Perkins students participated in a chess tournament at Central Campus last night. The playing field was saturated with talented chess minds. When the last piece was moved Conner won 1st place and Josh won 3rd place. Checkmate! Congratulations to our Perkins students!


Mrs. Oglesbee’s Readers


What a wonderful day for reading. Haley sits down with Mr. Koss to read a passage from her book. The title is Girl Detective by Judy Bloom. This is a mystery about Mr. Chips a beloved crime dog who goes missing. Wow! Judy Drewdy and her friends find themselves in the middle of a real world … Read more »


2nd Grade Math


The best part of my job is spending time in the classroom with our outstanding students. We call them walkthroughs. Most of my day I travel from room to room watching the teaching and learning process. On this day, I was in Mrs. Cain’s 2nd grade class. Students were engaged practicing their addition skills. I … Read more »


Walkin’ then Poppin’


The winning classes from the Perkins Walk-a-Thon enjoyed the fruits of their labor today with well deserved bags of popcorn and M&M’s. Smiles were abundant, as mouths dried from all the salt and butter, but nothing a quick drink of water could not subdue! 

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