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Summer Assistance for Families in Need


If you have summer food, health or clothing needs, Des Moines Public Schools and Polk County have resources for you. From immunizations to free meals, clothing to utility payments, you’ll find a list of places where help can be found. For a list of DMPS no-cost summer meal locations and times, and to learn more about other available resources, click on the headline.


3-5 Relays/Field Day Postponed until Tuesday, May 17


The Relays/Field Day for 3-5 has been postponed due to the likely chance of a rain shower.  It will take place on Tuesday. Sorry for any convenience this may have caused!




“It’s absolutely beautiful,” said the parent, the teacher, and the student! What an improvement to our Perkins entryway! Two days of grueling labor, on a weekend, our former students along with the guidance and support of Mr. and Mrs. Gaster and family designed and sculptured a beautiful master piece of rock and flowers. Come and see the beauty with me. … Read more »


Perkins Talent Show


Last week 4th and 5th graders showed off their talents to both the school and the community.  There were a lot of talents shown.  Those talents included: singing, dancing, playing an instrument while singing, piano, and miming.  The students did a fantastic job.  Thank you to our teachers and staff that made this all possible. … Read more »


Perkins Singers Show Their Talents


The Perkins Singers gave an exciting performance this week to the students and staff here at Perkins.  The songs were fabulously performed and even included some beat-boxing! Nice job Perkins Singers.

Super Star

Raises Money For Her Alumnus


A former Perkins student raises money for her elementary school. Lily, a Perkins Alumnus, decided she wanted to do something special. She raised $32.00 at a “spin art booth” that will be donated to help fund a new Perkins playground. Lily wrote, “Merrill is having the Dollar Doing Good project, which is an annual community service … Read more »

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