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Keepin’ it 100


Today marked the 100th day of school at Perkins Academy. All of the students were bustling around this morning anticipating the festivities planned for the day. For the youngest students, it was a day to rejoice; a milestone that marked an achievement seemingly impossible to them 99 days ago. Yet, they persevered and overcame the … Read more »


Kickin’ it with KCCI


Perkins, being the amazing school that it is, was honored on Tuesday morning by KCCI News Channel with the “Read With Me” grant. This grant was awarded to us due to a nomination from one of our students. The student remains anonymous, which only strengthens the case of Perkins being the best place to learn, … Read more »


Mrs. Enloe’s 4th Grade Landform Lesson


In Mrs. Enloe’s class, I saw student learners discovering where certain states are located and what they look like. Asia, an awesome Perkins student,  had retrieved a Revolve to continue her work on this fun hands on project. Students’ were excited about learning the physical characteristics of landforms such as: bodies of water, highest point, and lowest point. … Read more »


Perkins Musical at Roosevelt High School


On Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 6:30 PM, Mrs. Faust will be producing a musical at Roosevelt High School. You will see and hear several excerpts from renowned musicals. Grades 3-5 will be performing along with some teachers and myself. Come join us.        




“What in the world are you doing,” asked the principal? “What is that huge colorful round cloth doing in the gym,” he questioned. “Wait, I’ll show you,” he exclaimed! Mr. Southmayd turned and scampered towards his class. Students were guided into a big circle with the huge round colorful parachute. Mr. Southmayd shouted out commands. … Read more »


Student Academic Awards


The principal announces everyday that Perkins is “The home of the smartest kids, the best teachers, and the greatest parents in the world.” Perkins students are now taking their mid-year assessments. From kindergarten to fifth grade students are plowing through these tests. One Perkins Star after another come to my desk. Students are getting 100 … Read more »

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