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Save the Elephants!


What are they learning in Mrs. Douglass’ class? Activists Nyabhan and Lauralei are researching the cause of the African Elephants and Rhinos that are being slaughtered by illegal poachers. They have discovered that elephants are being killed for monetary reasons. It appears that they are selling the ivory for profit. The ivory is a hard … Read more »

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Waveland Park Neighborhood Newsletter


The Waveland Park Neighborhood Newsletter is posted under the resource tab.


Mrs. Lundy’s Kindergarten Class


WOW! This student teacher is GOOOOOOOOD! Her lesson plans are organized and detailed. Students know what they are learning today! I witnessed engaged students when Ms. Twedt gave her instructions. Several kindergarteners interacted with the technology when adding 4 + 10 = 14. Students then read a small passage called Snow Flakes. Although students were excited, Ms. Twedt guided them … Read more »

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Spirit Days Calendar


The Spirit Days Calendar is posted under resources; then, Student Council.


I Have A Golden Ticket!


Our lovely librarian Mrs. Sayre has come up with a fantastically fun new way to get our Penguins excited about reading! As many of you already know, our library is packed full of fascinating books, new and old. Unfortunately, not all of our books are receiving the love that they deserve. In order to find … Read more »


A Salute To Broadway: Perkins 3rd-5th Grade Performance


Come join us this Thursday evening at 6:30 in the Roosevelt auditorium for a night to remember! Our 3rd-5th grade Penguins will be performing twenty songs from six broadway musicals, including the Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. Your ears will fill with beautiful songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and “The Sun … Read more »

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