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Students may have closed up their textbooks for the school year, but summertime is a great time for leisure reading. And even though schools will be closed there will be more libraries open around Des Moines thanks to a bibliographic bunch of 5th graders at Perkins and their newly created neighborhood “book sheds.” Click on the image to read and see more about this terrific school project.

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November: Month of Service


November is a Month of Service for Perkins. We will be electing our student council officers. These students will guide the school in spirit and service. This month is also our Veteran’s Day Ceremony (Friday Nov. 11th  2:30) to honor those who have and are serving our country. We invite any veterans and service men … Read more »


Perkins Walkathon


Perkins’ students participated in the school walkathon.  The students walked laps to raise money for a school fundraiser organized by PTA. Before the walkathon each student was given a t-shirt to decorate.  As the students completed a lap, a tally was placed on the back of their t-shirt to keep track of their total laps. The … Read more »


School of Rigor


Academic rigor is instruction designed for our students that is intellectually challenging. It results in the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A combination of student autonomy and rigorous instruction provides the ingredients for an inquiry-based learning environment that motivates students to love learning. Students visualize a purpose for school. Years of research by … Read more »




“It’s absolutely beautiful,” said the parent, the teacher, and the student! What an improvement to our Perkins entryway! Two days of grueling labor, on a weekend, our former students along with the guidance and support of Mr. and Mrs. Gaster and family designed and sculptured a beautiful master piece of rock and flowers. Come and see the beauty with me. … Read more »


Perkins Talent Show


Last week 4th and 5th graders showed off their talents to both the school and the community.  There were a lot of talents shown.  Those talents included: singing, dancing, playing an instrument while singing, piano, and miming.  The students did a fantastic job.  Thank you to our teachers and staff that made this all possible. … Read more »

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