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Food Drive


When you walk into the foyer at Perkins, you will see several boxes filled to the brim. With what you might say? food! That’s right. Perkins students gathered 500 hundred items of food that will be donated to Combat Hunger-food bank of Iowa. For the past 24 years Star 102.5 has been linked to the Food … Read more »

Joe is my hero.

My Hero


It was a cold, dreary Wednesday afternoon. Students were dismissed for the day. Some ride the bus, some get picked up by their parents and some walk home. On this particular day a little girl who had started her journey home had become disoriented and confused. She found herself terrified and not knowing what to do, except … Read more »


Writing In Mrs. Buhrow’s Class


Mrs. Buhrow makes that important connection between reading and writing with her students. This student illustrates her writing skills. Notice how she transcribes a complete thought in her writing notebook. She states,  ”I like all seasons. But I like Halloween the best.” Mason wrote in his notebook, “Yesterday was Sunday night football. The Chicago Bears and Green … Read more »


How Many Drops will It Take?


Mrs. Oglesbee’s students are conducting an experiment that have them hypothesizing the number of  drops it will take to fill a penny. Students are captivated by this hands on learning experience. They are learning that water overflow will show information about how water molecules attract to each other. Mrs. Oglesbee knows that kids love anything to do with playing with water. … Read more »

Student Council 2

Penguins Can Vote Too?


Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. This day is not like any other. Today millions of people across the country are casting their vote in the Midterm Elections. They are voting to have their voice heard, to make a difference in their community, in their state, and in this country. Here at Perkins, things are not very … Read more »


Perkins Pumpkin Contest


Student artists decorated pumpkins at Perkins. Tod Tomlinson, who hopes to be a renowned artist someday, wins the pumpkin contest in Ms. McCoy’s art class. In an interview with Tod, I learned that art is his favorite subject. I asked him why he chose the moon and a tree to draw on his pumpkin. He said, … Read more »

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