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Perkins Takes 2nd Place At Battle of the Books


This year Perkins had 12 students in grades 3 – 5 participate in  Battle of the Books. Our kids, the Perkins Page Turners, set out at the beginning of the school year to read at least 10 books on the BOB book list and know the titles and authors for all 40 books. Unfortunately, not all … Read more »


Learn About Gifted Program


Dear Parents/Guardians:  This fall, 2nd grade students at Perkins Academy participated in taking the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). The CogAT provides information about your child’s abilities in problem solving using verbal, quantitative, and spatial reasoning (nonverbal). Data gathered from these assessments is included as one aspect of the multiple measures that help the school staff … Read more »


Public School Lunches By Dakota South


Cafeteria food all around the world is different. Some food is healthy and some food is unhealthy. Most parents disagree with the food that their kids eat at schools almost every day for hot lunch.  “We want our school lunches to be better!” said a student that goes to a public school. But students aren’t … Read more »


Bowling at Perkins By Kathryn Daggers


The bowling team is a big thing. Students are chosen by the P.E  teacher. He will give you a slip of paper that indicates you are on the bowling team. The bowling team goes to a bowling plaza and they go against other teams from other schools. This team can help you with important skills … Read more »

Santa Will COme

Will Santa Come?


It was a normal morning at Perkins on December 5, 2016. The principal was out greeting students as they came marching down the hall towards their classrooms. Children were smiling, giving high fives, and chattering amongst friends, like birds on a spring day. One little girl walked up to the principal gave him a high five. With … Read more »

A Perkins student chooses a gift.

Holiday Market a Tradition for Perkins


An exclusive holiday boutique is wrapping up its limited run today at Perkins Elementary School where the PTA has sponsored a shop that offers students a convenient and affordable opportunity to buy gifts for their families and friends during the last week of classes before Winter Break. With Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s fast approaching, read and see how the Perkins market has become a regular stop for students to find gifts. Click on the headline.

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3rd Grade Civic Center
May 02
4th Grade Civic Center
May 18
2nd Grade Blank Park Zoo
May 19
5th Grade Living History Farms
May 29
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