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Cultural Relevance


Tuesday night marked the second annual Culture Night at Perkins. The cafeteria, gym, music room, library, and one kindergarten classroom were transformed into the countries of Bosnia, Mexico, Kenya, Egypt, and Tai Dam for the night. Students were given a “passport” that was printed in a certain color, and then had the schedule of events … Read more »

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Children’s Choice Challenge


UPDATE: out of 30 contestants, Perkins placed 4th! Way to go Penguins! Keep reading those books and stay diligent! A handful of our 4th and 5th grade students got to participate in an awesome book challenge this winter. Last November, the students were given a 17 book list compiled by Iowan students around the state. … Read more »


Support Our Schools


Perkins students and parents go to the statehouse to support a 4% funding increase for our Iowa schools. These Penguins are not just representing Perkins school or Des Moines Schools. These dedicated altruistic Iowans are supporting  adequate funding for approximately 1502 schools and 487,559 students in Iowa. Every student deserves an exemplary education. Many famous people have made significant … Read more »


The Gift


THANK YOU PARENTS!!  ​​I believe that Perkins parents and educators exemplify perceptible bipartisanship. We are a powerful unit-Team. We make no excuses. Together, we problem solve and find the resources needed to achieve our goals. Why? Because every time we look into the eyes of our children we see a miracle. We know that any one of our children could … Read more »


Perkins Academy 2.0


Perkins has been eating all of its fruits and vegetables! It’s been doing such a good job for so long that all of the hard work is finally paying off. From now through the summer Perkins Academy will be growing by over five rooms in size! The additions have already begun, and all of the … Read more »


The Rides of March


This March has provided plenty of bus rides for our Penguins here at Perkins. On March 2nd, our 3rd-5th grade ESL (English as a Second Language) students made a trip down to the Des Moines Community Playhouse. They got to see the hour and a half production of The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood. The … Read more »

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