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Saylorville Lake


First Grade went on a field trip to Saylorville Lake. Naturalists or volunteers lead students through various programs exploring nature and the great outdoors. Perkins field trips sponsored mainly by our wonderful PTA. These experiences allow Perkins teachers to extend and connect classroom learning to the real world. Our students are provided with memorable experiences and make stronger … Read more »


14th Annual Snow Plow Contest


Students in Ms. McCoy’s Art Club have been working hard on getting their snow plow ready for judging.  This year’s plow has a theme that was chosen by the students.  It will be focusing on a dog park in the winter.  The plow will be displayed at the Farmers Market on the Court Avenue Bridge.  … Read more »

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Perkins Studnets Wins Medals


Ms. Catherine Bright wins big at Gymnastics meet!! Gymnastics is an Olympic sport that originates back in 1896 in ancient Greece.  This  nimble sport that continues to grow in popularity today remains one of the most popular events of the Summer Games.  Children of all ages compete and show their strength, speed and flexibility, along with elegance … Read more »

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Picture Day


Picture Day is this Friday, September 18, 2015.

Mrs. Douglass

A Glorious New Year


Hello Perkins Penguins, It is a new year at Perkins. We have had a great start together. We have the finest students, parents, and teachers in the world.  Together We Can Change the World is our theme. I believe in my heart that is what makes Perkins so special. Teachers are hard at work. There is  a lot … Read more »

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Living The Dream


It was a great first day At Perkins Elementary. Students came marching into Perkins with heavy filled backpacks and large smiles. They were greeted with welcoming arms of teachers. There was plenty of hugging amongst teachers, administrators, and students spilling their sentiments of joy to be back at school. Perkins also had a lot of “new” … Read more »

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