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One Down, One Hundred and Seventy-Nine to Go


Mark your calendar, only one hundred and seventy-nine days of school left! Today we finished our first day of a new school year at Perkins Academy. While the weather may have disagreed, it was a great day to start what will be a fantastic school year. Our students came excited, and our teachers came prepared. Click the photo to read more.

Perkins Penguins

Open House


Perkins parents, teachers, and students finally filled the halls of Perkins Academy again on Tuesday for an open house that turned out to be a huge success. Everyone returned to our beloved school after a fun-filled summer that seemed to last a lifetime. Students and parents got to meet their new teacher while teachers tried … Read more »

DMPS app

Perkins Now Fits in the Palm of Your Hand


The new DMPS mobile app is designed to provide up-to-date and helpful information about the school district and all schools right in the palm of your hand. Now you can connect with Perkins and every school in Des Moines from anywhere and everywhere. Click the photo to learn more about the app and download to your Apple or Android smartphone.

We Need Your Vote

HELP!! Perking up the Perkins Playground


VOTE,  VOTE,  VOTE: The “Perking up the Perkins Playground” is one of 100 entrants that will be up for a public vote on  We could win $7500.00 to help repair our poor playground. Voting is from August 20-Sept. 7. We need you the people to vote for their favorite project once daily, per electronic device. You could vote from your … Read more »


Bell Times Change at Perkins this Fall


Students at 19 elementary schools, including Perkins Elementary, will adjust their schedule by 10 minutes this fall. It’s a move that will give bus drivers much needed time to get from school to school. Click on the image to read more about how the small time change will improve student safety and save the district hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Perkins Penguin

New School Hours


New Perkins school hours. Ask for a magnet.

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Perkins Academy is a culturally diverse community of high achieving students. Academic Data Teams and student data are the catalyst of Professional development and instruction throughout the year. Read More…

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