One Down, One Hundred and Seventy-Nine to Go

Mark your calendar, only one hundred and seventy-nine days of school left! Today we finished our first day of a new school year at Perkins Academy.

While the weather may have disagreed, it was a great day to start what will be a fantastic school year. Our students came excited, and our teachers came prepared. For our fifth graders, today was the start of the end of elementary school. For our Kindergarteners, the amazing journey has just begun. However, no matter what grade they are in, or which teacher they have, each and every student here at Perkins can expect to have a fun-filled, knowledge-packed year ahead of them.

Here at Perkins we are lucky enough to return with all of our classroom teachers from last year, as well as a large majority of our support staff. We would like to welcome to our team Johanna Voss, who is replacing Allison Pryce as a Special Education Associate.

We also added quite a few new students to our roster (over 60 excluding the new Kindergarteners), and we are positive that our returning students will make them feel comfortable and at home while at Perkins Academy. With the first day over, it should all be downhill from here.

UPCOMING EVENT: Student parade on Friday, August 22nd, 9:50 at Perkins Academy.

– Brandon Jenkins

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