Bowling at Perkins By Kathryn Daggers

The bowling team is a big thing. Students are chosen by the P.E  teacher. He will give you a slip of paper that indicates you are on the bowling team. The bowling team goes to a bowling plaza and they go against other teams from other schools. This team can help you with important skills like teamwork, helping out teammates, and good sports men ships. The way you get on the team is to have good sports man ship and can bowl well or  the way he wants you to bowl. In this  important event  you can win a trophy but the next year you have to bring it back to the bowling lanes or plaza. Many people enjoy it but not all people can make the team only five 4th graders and five 5th graders so a total of ten kids from Perkins Elementary. This is one of the many activates that go on at Perkins Elementary school.

– Kathryn Daggers


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