About The Perkins PTA

Perkins teachers and staff take the lead in helping our students learn. The PTA provides financial and volunteer support to help them to do great things and make Perkins the “Best Place to Learn.”

Meetings: PTA meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m., in the school library.

Membership: Membership costs $5 per person. Stop by the PTA booth at registration or open house to start or renew your membership, or contact a member of the PTA board.

Events: The PTA hosts a number of events through out the school year for the Perkins school community, like Family Fun Nights and the spring school carnival. Watch your Perkins Monday folder for announcements.

Fundraising: The PTA has fundraisers to pay for school field trips, help teachers buy classroom supplies, pay for equipment and student activities, and support events for the Perkins community.  like the Perkins Talent Show and Family Fun Nights. All donations to the Perkins PTA are tax deductible.

Volunteers: Whether you can volunteer for just an hour or have lots of time to give, your help makes a difference!

Upcoming PTA Events

PTA Meeting – Sept. 14, 6:30 p.m.

Walk-A-Thon – Oct. 9, all school day

Students walk or run around the Perkins track to raise money for school field trips. Volunteers needed!

BINGO – Oct. 14, 6:30 p.m.

Conferences – Oct. 21 & Oct. 22

Come to the book fair at the library. 

Help provide food for teachers.

Buy your NEW Perkins t-shirt or hoodie.

Family Dinner Nights at the Drake Diner

Eat the Drake Diner on Monday or Tuesday and 20 percent of your ticket will be donated to the Perkins PTA.

Perkins PTA Officers

Sara Mitchell, President/Membership 515-314-7883

Melissa Keller, Vice President/Membership

Jennifer Weir, Treasurer

Amy Liechti, Secretary


PTA Documents 2016

Perkins Academy October PTA Meeting Minutes

October Agenda

First Grade November Newsletter

Treasurer’s Report

Nov 2016 Mtg Agenda

Nov 2016 Principal’s Report

Nov 2016 Treasurer’s Report

Measures of Academic Progress

Perkins PTA Meeting Minutes November 2016