Dear parents:

Perkins is proud to announce that we now have a new security system installed to better provide a safe environment for our children and staff. There are two cameras located on the exterior of the building. One is to monitor the North entrance of the building and the other camera will monitor the playground.

Mrs. Kromrie and the office staff will be monitoring who enters and exits Perkins on a daily basis. On Monday, May 13, we will begin locking all exterior doors by 9:00 AM and unlocking exterior doors for dismissal at 3:00 PM. The doors will then be locked no later than 4:00 PM for the safety of our after school metro children.

When you come to visit Perkins, you will see a silver camera attached to the wall at the north side entry way. There is a button with a bell on it. Push the bell (button). That will activate a buzzer in the office. The door will be activated to open. Enter the building and stop at the office to sign in or to receive assistance.

After 4:00 Pm, parents will continue to use the buzzer at the Metro entryway.