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4301 College | Des Moines, IA 50311
Phone: 515-242-8430 | Fax: 515-323-8638

Bulletin Board

Learning Model Selection

When you are ready, please select a learning model for your child using the link below.  We are scheduled to start in-person, hybrid school on Oct 19th pending board approval metrics of coronavirus numbers.

Grab and Go meals for 20-21 school year

All DMPS elementary, middle, and high schools will be distributing grab and go meals each day from 11am to 1pm.  Each day you will receive lunch for that day and breakfast for the next day.  You are permitted to go to any school but must have your child’s student ID number so please write it down or memorize it.

Pick up and Drop off Procedures

If we end up having in-person school this year, please know that bus transportation will be made to be as safe as it can be for the kids who are riding.  That being said, if possible, try to bring your kids to and from school to avoid undo risk.  Our car line in the morning is almost always short and smooth and we will strive to maintain that for you.

DMPS Virtual Backpack

We are pleased to welcome you to the virtual backpack for Des Moines Public Schools,  our central hub for information about school and community events and information of interest to students and their families. The new virtual backpack allows the Des Moines Public School District to distribute school and community information electronically to parents, staff, and students. Click here to visit the virtual backpack!

All Events
  • Middle School Hybrid First Day

  • No Classes; Conferences

  • Fall Break – No School

  • Election Day

  • School Board Meeting