Music class at Perkins is designed to be a leader in a rigorous music curriculum that engages and encourages students to interact with all forms of knowledges from music to mathematics. Students are provided opportunities for learning to read rhythms and melodies, sing with proper technique, play instruments from around the world, move to music, analyze music, and produce and compose music. Students use various types of technology, including GarageBand, to compose and refine music, which is then shared with others on the Perkins music station on SoundCloud. Students also have opportunities to join various ensembles, both vocal and instrumental, including student-created ensembles, such as rock bands. The Perkins music class is aimed at helping students, from kindergarten to 5th grade, understand the importance of music in our everyday lives. Students analyze how music affects our moods, how loud and soft can change the message of their composition, and how music is a vehicle for changing the world.

Perkins students are changing the world one song at a time.

Mrs. Dietz