Fifth-Grade Supply List

Student Supply List:

-Pre-sharpened (Ticondaroga) pencils (24)

-Multiple colors of highlighters (4-8)

-1 pencil box

-1 subject wide lined spiral notebook-1 each color (blue, red, green)

-2 pocket folders-1 each color (blue, red, green, yellow)

-1 pkg. wide-lined loose-leaf paper

-Multi-color fine tip markers (8-12)

-Colored pencils (8-24)

-Glue sticks (3-10)

-Dry erase markers (4-12)

-Tissue (1 box)

-Disinfecting wipes (1 canister)

-Hand sanitizer (1 large bottle)


*Most supplies will be shared

*Supplies not on this list will be sent home

*Will send a request for more supplies if/when needed